Magnesium Sulphate - MgSo4 7H2O

Reason to use ITC MgSO4

  • To increase quality of any crop
  • To stop secondary or any deficiency or minerals of plant
  • All ooil seeds crop and oil in it increase with it's size and volume.
  • It increase size and signs and taste of any vegetables & fruit crops.
  • To increase size, Weight and Quality of Grains.


We offer a wide range of Magnesium Sulphate Heptahydrate which is also known as Epsom salt and are widely used in different industries. These heptahydrate are non toxic, Non-Hazardousand has the following specification:


  1. Magnesium is essentail for chlorophyll and is therefore important in photosynthesis. magnesium is important in protein synthesis and enzyme processes, and it helps plant to absorb and use phosphorous and nitrogen.
  2. Production of Azure Liquid increase.
  3. Main source of Chlorine required to keep plant Green.
  4. Photo Synthesis system gets active fast to Produce Azure liquid. If Plant gets yellowish leaves or cone shaped, use of sulphure, make it stop and plant gets big and healthy.
  5. Minimizes process of and bynaus so production increases. The percentage increase in oily seeds like 201 to 251 in groundnuts,cotton,castor,sessame,sunflower. 151 to 201 in toohar, Moong, Chhana, Black Gram and 147 in any other crops.
  6. There are two veins in cotton and other crops. Between this two veins if deficiency is there, if gets redish, veins get green color. At last it falls down. So use of magnesium stop of falling leaves.
  7. Plant gets enough ingredients to grow.
  8. Roots of plants gets strong & Healthy.
  9. In Crop like Sugarcane, Banana they are long term Crops. Use of Magnesium Sulphate, 2 to 3 times increases production.
  10. It can be mix with any other fertilizer.
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