Key Function of Calcium Magnesium Sulphur (CMS)

CMS granular magnesium containing phosphogypsum, magnesium the highest proportion in the sulphur and complementary beverages made from gold mine dust land reformer.


  1. In the plants of each crop of new cells are produced.
  2. Which is to speed up the process of cell division in
  3. plants. And plants are strong and healthy
  4. Improving the strength of the cell wall in a healthy
  5. immune system to produce increased crop.
  6. By chemical reaction in improving structure into the
  7. ground and into the ground to avoid the salts in the
  8. ground water and the free flow of air into the
  9. supporting means, There is more to do with the
  10. quality of the resulting product.


  1. The process of any crop plant's feeding major role in the production of proteins with nitrogen uptake by the plant leaf green and thereby prevents it from falling, which keeps the plant roots and plant remains green
  2. In photosynthesis increasing the plant more food and plays an active role in the growth.


  1. Nitrogen dormant in the ground running, phosphorus and other fertilizers such as potash exert an increase in the amount of amino acid helps in the making of proteins. sulphur granting of crop production, weight, percentage of oil in a very large amount, As well as There is a massive increase in quality.
  2. Enhance the development and useful in production of plant roots.


  • CMS granular use of non-essential salts in the soil loose and fertile land which is destroyed.
  • Running around in vain for the sake of the plants and help deliver essential nutrients to the plant. The development of these plants is in good proportion. So the crop has seen increased production and ripening seeds are large and plump.
  • CMS granulated using a hole in the ground that grows in the ground, air; moisture storage capacity increases as well as root crops are fully grown.
  • That in itself is not harmful to any type of granular standing crop as well as physical and chemical processing of ground balance remains. And to exert the necessary bacteria and is to reach the plant.
  • Using CMS granular fertilizer from the soil, plants and enhances the ability to absorb essential nutrients. Need of nutrients in crops and oil seeds crops is done, the amount of protein increases. Beans are high in protein crop production as well as the market price of the good to which the farmer is found.
  • The proportion of land from use of granular ph conducive to the growth of the plants are kept (ph) assistant.
  • Calcium element contained in CMS granular cell formation and cell wall of plants is to reinforce a healthy immune system to produce different diseases.

CMS use Method and Quantity

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